Grayling Fletching Jig

Installing Graylings Crossbow bolt receiver.

Tools Needed: Phillips head screw driver

  1. Loosen adjuster knob(Fig1 "A").  
  2. Remove dial screw(Fig1 "B") completely with a phillips head screw driver.
  3. Remove dial(Fig1 "E"), spring(Fig1 "H"), rear fletch plate(Fig1 "D") and front fletch plate(Fig1 "C"). Slide the nock receiver(Fig1 "F") out from the front.
  4. Slide your new crossbow bolt receiver(Fig1 "F") thru the jig body nock hole.
  5. Hold the jig body so the nock receiver(Fig1 "F") is facing down, holding the nock receiver in with your thumb.
  6. Place the front plate(Fig1 "C") over the back end of the receiver and into the adjustment slot(Fig1 "G").
  7. Place the rear fletch plate(Fig1 "D") over the back of the receiver(Fig1 "F") lining up the flats.
  8. Replace the spring(Fig1 "H") on the back end of the receiver(Fig1 "F").
  9. Line the flat of the dial(Fig3) with the flat of the receiver(Fig1 "F") turning the dial slightly in both directions while applying slight downward pressure till the whole assembly drops together.
  10. While holding the whole assembly together with your thumb and finger replace and tighten the dial screw(Fig1 "B").
  11. Tighten the adjuster knob(Fig1 "A") and your ready to begin fletching again.